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  1. Sophie

    nice web site 🙂

  2. Rachel Greco

    Hey! I just want to say that you guys are so amazing and you all are my inspiration to be really great like you! Keep doing what your doing! See you in Arizona! Bye! 😀

  3. Roni Item

    My girls are thrilled to start twirling. They look forward to their lessons and can’t wait to start performing and competing. Thanks Sandy for coming to Walnut Creek to provide lessons. See you soon! Roni, Julia and Noelle.

  4. Precison Auxiliary Corp

    We would like the Syndication Baton Club to help train our competitive baton twirling team. What do we need to do?
    Coach Carter

  5. Lee Potthast

    Thrilled to see Modern dance, ballet, and baton twirling connecting and creating works of beauty with the baton… About Time!
    I will follow your club and my girls want to come watch you.
    Thank you for your artistic vision ….

  6. Jo Jo

    Great web site and photos

  7. Madison

    I love to watch this team twirl at nationals this year 2011

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